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Romantic Cute Sad Lovely Love Quotes For Lovers

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Quotes generally are various types but here we gonna go with Love Quotes. And Love Quotes are mostly one and the same but depending on the quotes they are classified as Romantic Love Quotes, Cute Love Quotes, etc. 

Love quotes

Love Quotes sms


The other classification of the Love Quotes is 'Love Quotes for Her' one, it is basically meant for boys/girls to say/express/send to girls. I try to give them as texts like below along with images for these Lovely Love Quotes

" Your Love surrounds me like the air that I breathe.
   Your kiss touches me as gentle as a breeze.
   Your touch is as tender as that of a child.
   Your hug is warm, meek and mild.
   Each day we grow older and its plain to see.
   The Love that you give me is all that I need. "

love quote for her

love quote for him


Some of the Lovely quotes are funny lines to take digs on Love or girls which are categorized as Funny Love Quotes. The opposite of funny is Sad are put under 'Sad Love Quotes' category. 

Funny love quote

first love quote


There are some other quotes which are and which I call and keep them under True Love Quotes. There are two Cute Love Quotes which are given below and one of them is so good :

" People were created to be loved.
  Things were created to be used.
  The reason why the world is in chaos,
   is because things are being Loved
   and people are being used. "

true love quote

Sad love quote

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